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    Has anybody done a HEC-RAS run and removed an existing bridge and associated ineffective flow areas, but it seems as if the bridge is still there when you run it again.
    I had two bridges fairly close to each other (100 feet or so) and removed the downstream bridge and opened up the waterway where the removed bridge had been. The water surface went up upstream of the bridge left in place. I then tried to place ineffective flow areas where the removed bridge had been. That didn't do anything. I had to start from scratch with just the cross sections and with the new cross sections where the removed bridge had been and then place the bridge that was going to stay in place. Then I got answers that made sense.
    Can anybody explain what happened?

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    I've never used the software but wonder if there's any chance you needed to hit a "regenerate" button of some sort to effect the changes you made?

    Oh... And Hi Gabriel2 , and welcome to the forum.
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