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Thread: 6 volt vs 12 volt

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    Thanks for your answers, it rings many bells.

    My boat is heavy and i needed the same HP than what i had under the diesel. I consider now going back to oily and stinking diesel. Yes the idea of a outboard is great but my boat is high over water and have a classic back board with an angle that prevents me to do so.

    The whole idea about the electric was 1 to go green 2 to save some dollars. I will end up paying more for my bad choices.

    I understand more now about serie parallel connection and total power at the main connection to the controler. Best would have been a 12 volts motor, and 8 parallel batteries.

    I kept only 4 batteries as of now I got larger cables and will try it later today.

    If i decide the keep to electric system, i presume i would be better of with 2 large 24 volts batteries in serie, (truck type).

    I saw some chinese batteries delivering 1,000AH for low cost. They weight a lot, so transportion may make them highly cost finally for a ... chinese quality.

    I sure do not have the budget right now to experiment with many different things, so i also am looking for affordable diesel 35 HP

    Thanks to all
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