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Thread: Alternative graphing/plotting program for Excel data

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    Alternative graphing/plotting program for Excel data

    Hi, I work in a dyno lab and when we collect engine data (temperatures, pressure, speed, etc.) during a test, the data is saved in an Excel file. The different measurements are in columns, with one column being the timestamp. To graph the data in excel is pretty tedious. Does anyone know of another program that makes plotting data like this easy?
    Thanks, John C.

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    Excel is "tedious"? I don't see that, can you share the excel file with us on this forum?

    Is the data macro'ed dorectly into the excel file? Moreover, there should be off-the-shelf software and other technology available from the dyno manufacturer.

    Also, I'm guessing that you don't use chart recorders in parallel with the data acquisition from the engine sensors?

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