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Thread: Passivation Safe Plastics

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    Passivation Safe Plastics

    I wanted to use rubber bands in a fixture that will get put into the passivation liquid with the parts, but I have a question about the passivation process dissolving the rubber bands and ruining the passivation..... can rubber be used during passivation? If not what would be a good alternative? Also what are the passivation safe plastics.

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    Hi tscraven and welcome to the forum...

    If you're talking about a citric acid based passivating product then I think polyethylene or polypropylene are the plastics of choice. I don't know if gum bands would hold up.

    Passivation is a process used for several different materials. I'm not really up on the process other than the little bit I've picked up on it over the years. Sort of an oxidation self preservation thing... get any unwanted crap out of the surface of your material and create a clean non corrosive layer.

    Try a web search "passivating (insert your material here) solutions." Where when I say insert your material here you type in stainless, or aluminum, or brass, or titanium, or whatever it is that you're passivating. When you learn what solution will typically be used for the material you are passivating you can figure from there what can safely be added to the heated solution??

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