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Thread: (Ask) Slurry Erosion in piping

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    (Ask) Slurry Erosion in piping

    Hay everyone, i'm a student and now in progress to finish my Final Assignment.

    I need your help for solve my problem,

    my problem is about erosion in pipe caused by slurry flow (sand and seawater mixture),

    slurry velocity : 5 m/s
    pipe diameter : 600 mm
    pipe thickness : 20 mm

    based on your experience,
    how long is the estimate lifetime of that pipe cause by erosion problem??

    or maybe if there is any information,
    what is the erosion rate (mm/year) for 5m/s slurry flow against stell??

    thank you for your help..

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    Is this the way you will go about solving problems when in the work force? YOU need to do the research.

    By all means come back to us with some examples and ask if you are on the right track or not. In the interim, all I can suggest is to check back on your course notes as I am sure it has been covered before. It is generally unheard of to pose questions that have not been previously covered in some form or other.

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    actually this erosion rate data is my auxiliary data for my work, so i need to assume, if i do the research, it will spend many many time.

    please help me if any of you had experience about erosion in slurry piping/pipeline

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