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Thread: planetary gear

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    planetary gear

    I want to ask that is it possible to have the number of teeth of sun gear and pinion will be same?

    As In my case the ratio is 4:1....outer ring is fixed and sun gear is the input. I want to use three planets.
    and if I take 14,16,17 for the sun gear then the condition of (Z1 +Z3)/number of planets should be integer.
    but if i take 15 for the sun gear then the number of teeth on planet is also 15 with 45 on ring.....

    I want to ask is it right to take 15 teeth for both sun and planet and 45 for ring to get the ratio of 4:1????

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    Yes, that should work.

    Sun = 15 teeth
    Number of Planets = 3
    Planet = 15 teeth
    Ring = 45 teeth

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