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Thread: Introduction into wireless communications with AVR

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    Question Introduction into wireless communications with AVR

    Hello everyone!

    Lately I have been working on expanding my knowledge of working with ATtiny and ATmega AVR chips and I would like to begin utilizing RF with my little projects.

    I have set myself a design task to learn from, as I am one of those "ADHD engineers that only learn via hands on and head banging on datasheets".

    My current task is to make unit A send a message that contains an ID code and status code (20 bit ID code, 4 bit status code). Later on I will make unit B receive this data and interpret it.

    What would you suggest I use as a simple, beginner, TX and RX unit? Any tips?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I am searching around and working on my design goals and I have added a new requirement onto myself. I need the RX unit to be able to handle and process multiple TX units with diffrent IDs at the same time.
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