I'm in the process of building the most powerfull valveless pulse-jet in the world. Sheetmetal work is just about done but now I run into problems with fueling it.
This engine will consume roughly 10L/min of liquid hydrocalbons. The engine has three intakes that all need to be fed fuel

I need fuel spray nozzles with a capacity of ~3.5L/min or multiple smaller ones with a combined capacity of 10L/min. The engine cycles pretty slowly, at maybe 15-20Hz. The mist needs to be fine enough to prevent pooling in the combustion chamber. The fuel is prayed in 200mm long tubes before it reaches the combustion chamber. Injection position can vary, this is different per engine. because of the pipes, the spray profile can't realy be over 60 degrees.

Heating the fuel to vapour and then injecting it isn't an option.

It would be a big plus if the injectors could be made to pulsate fuel. The engine cycles so continues fuel injection is very wastefull. It is not a dealbreaker if the injectors are incapable of such feats.

Can anyone advice on injectors or spraynozzles, what kind, where can I get them or even if I can build them myself?