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    Mad2 Chemical Tee Connections

    What does a chemical tee gasket look like and where can I get one? I have an application (100 PSI, 80 F, water) on which the design engineer specified a chemical tee diaphragm seal. The equipment came, but without gaskets and the equipment supplier says they don't provide gaskets and won't recommend a manufacturer/source of supply.

    I don't think a regular flat gasket will work...maybe an o-ring?

    Any suggestions?


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    Parker Hannifin is a gasket-oring-seal big company - try them. Your design engineer should have specified a part number or equivalent...

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    Hi Marshal, welcome to the group.

    Can you show us a small part drawing of the area? A "gasket" and a "diaphragm" are at entirely opposite ends of the use-spectrum.

    A gasket seals so that stuff passing by can't leak out through a joint.

    a diaphragm totally blocks off any flow and is usually used to move fluid or sense pressure etc.

    Since the design Engineer specified a "thing" it is up to him/her to also specify a typical part number. Dangerous ground for you to be making the decision on what material to use. It is only water at moderate pressure and temp, but if it is critical enough that they specify a type of seal, then I would not be doing this research and decision making to cover the Engineer's butt. He/she will be the first to point to you if it fails. Seen that a thousand+ times.

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