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Thread: Engineering design for egg mover

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    Engineering design for egg mover

    Design and construct a machine that will safely transport a set of eggs from a bottom corner of a 1x1x1 meter virtual cube to the diagonally opposite upper corner (e.g. bottom-front-left to top-back-right) using at least one electrical and at least one mechanical device; the machine should sort the eggs according to a property of the egg you select (e.g., weight, color, size are ok; order of entry is not) into two groups and deposit the eggs in each group into separate standard egg containers.
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    I'm pretty sure your professor didn't really want you to solicit for ideas from the internet. That said, you can still do a lot of research on how to move sensitive objects on the internet. But soliciting ideas? That just comes a little too close to the line for our homework policy, in my opinion.

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