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Thread: 10" sch 40 Carbon steel pipe deflection

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    :bash: 10" sch 40 Carbon steel pipe deflection

    We are installing a natural gas pipeline. 10" sch 40 Carbon steel weight is 40.5 ppf. What is the spacing of my cranes required to be at for a 260' length and a 350' length? The lengths are welded together and X-rayed, avg length 43' each. The Dept of Transportation person thinks there should be a regulation for this. He thinks it looks flimsy.

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    Wait a minute! Am I in the middle of a Dilbert cartoon? The man from the "guvmint" thinks it "looks flimsy" and "thinks there should be a regulation", but this man from the guvmint can't tell you what the regulation is or where to find it? (Uh... So... How would he know if you didn't meet it?) (Does he have pointy hair?)

    And, in the time-honored tradition of the last panel of the Dilbert cartoon, the engineer consults the source of all true knowledge: an online forum. Priceless.

    Gmorin - I'm really not knocking your question. It just seemed too good to pass up. And yes, someone on the forum might be able to direct you to some regulation.

    But it should be the guy whose salary we are paying and who could shut you down that does that!

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    Not sure about a Regulation, but certainly a professional Engineer's design for doing this is mandatory. IF you want to do it safely and not risk cracks in the welds during the lift, then an experienced Engineer should already have, or must design the lifting and slinging parameters.

    But hey, I am just a faceless soul on the Internet. You are the one moving around tens of thousands of dollars of stuff that could cause an explosion (when the pipe is in use) if not done correctly at this stage.
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