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    can someone comfirm for me whether the pull apart force experienced between two mated hydraulic couplers at a depth of 2000m of water is thesame as a pull apart force experienced by thesame couplers at a depth of 100m water? My gut instinct tells me they will be different owing to changes in ambient hydrostatic pressure acting on the exposed areas of the couplers. So increased pressure begets increased force and increased force begets increased resistance to pull so the force required to pull them apart will be greater than if they were in the vicinity of ambient atmospheric pressure, say. Please your contributions are highly appreciated.



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    Well, a picture would be helpfull.. The exposed materials of the couplers in the water will have more compressive forces on the materials due to the increased water depth.

    As far as increased pull, that depends on the couplers mechanical configuration and the application of force by the water. If we are talking about two hydrualic actuators, a slight increase in force is likely because the trapped fluid would be compressed by the cyclinder housing being compressed by the water force.

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