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Thread: Laser Doppler Anemometry and CFD - 3rd Year Project

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    Laser Doppler Anemometry and CFD - 3rd Year Project


    I am just about to go into my 3rd year of my Mechanical Engineering Degree and have decided to do a project with the following description:

    "Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) is a non-intrusive technique used to
    measure flow velocities and turbulence quantities in a fluid flow. The
    objective of this project is to carry out velocity measurements in a
    suitable flow arrangement (e.g. wall jet, free jet) using the LDA system
    and then make comparisons with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    predictions. The LDA system uses a Class 4 Argon-Ion laser and although the
    measurements will be made under guidance from the supervisor, students
    applying for this project need to have a practical background and will be
    trained in laser safety."

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out and provide any good links or information that I could use to do some background reading for my project and literature review?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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