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Thread: Building a porch frame to hold paver blocks

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    Building a porch frame to hold paver blocks

    I want to build a porch frame with 3 steps with a platform that will hold 35 6"x9" paver blocks that match my sidewalk. I plan to use 1.5x1.5x.125 angle iron spaced 6" on center horizontally. The platform is 42"deep x 54" wide. Each tread is 12"x54". The total weight of the pavers is 350 pounds. I would like the porch to have a load capacity of 100 pounds per sq ft. How can I determine now much weight the current design will support with pillars at each corner? That design is probably the worse case. I can move the supports inward since most of the weight will be in the center of the platform. If that is not sufficient I can make each horizontally member a truss 4" to 6" deep, which is probably overkill. That would probably support the weight but I don't know how to calculate any of it. Any suggestions? Thanks, George

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    You might want to consider getting a brick layer / concrete guy in to look at it and have them face with your pavers to match? What you have in mind doesn't sound very ... sound... especially for a small porch. Mud is pretty cheap and a good brick layer could fix you up with something solid.

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