I am having a play with Analyse v2.04 - a free 2D(3D) structural analysis program.
Confirms various worked examples from textbooks and other programs so happy with it.

Bosch Rexroth aluminium framed ensuite drawer & basin unit - slides into itself to increase floor space via linear bearings, slightly height adjustable, for own private use (wheelchair). Bosch Rexroth == 8020 profile == Item profile for USA readers.

Q - The profile consists of a Central Circle + Surrounded by an X + Outer Box - what do I enter for tw, tf, r?

- tw - web thickness (mm) - is that the profile height re 20?
- tf - flange thickness (mm) - is that again the profile height re 20?
- r - radius between flange & web (mm) - no idea for this one?

I am using the s/w for forces, re selecting connection elements.
Deflection data is just useful just to compare designs - interactive feedback.