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Thread: Need a little help with an engineering solution using an accelerometer and sensors...

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    Bang Head Need a little help with an engineering solution using an accelerometer and sensors...

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and probably will frequently be using this forum. I ran into a small wall as far as this project I am working. Here it is...

    I'm installing a display system into a vehicle. My job in particular is to design a solution that shuts down the display system when the vehicle is in motion. I would like to implement an accelerometer and vibration sensor interfaced with a typical embedded board like an arduino. I understand that when the vehicle begins accelerating, the accelerometer will catch this and I can use this data to shut down the system immediately. It is just when the vehicle reaches a constant speed that I am worried about. When it reaches a constant speed, almost no acceleration will be noticeable. I could implement a vibration sensor but sometimes vehicles can idle smoothly not giving off too much vibration.

    Anyone have any other idea how I could approach this? Thanks

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    how about a prox sensor on the drive shaft/wheel and a resettable timer. Every time a lug is detected the timer is reset. Timer needs to be able time out on or off a lug when the vehicle is stopped. search for zero speed sensors.

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    Look up OBD II engine control systems and ABS control systems. I'm pretty sure your solution is already there as that information is needed by the car. You could just tap into the signal from a wheel sensor but you would have to be sure you are not going to interfere with the operation of the ABS systems. You could also just disable the system whenever the car is in gear with just a limit switch simple but maybe too crude for what you want?

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