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Thread: Choosing apropriate Routing method

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    Choosing apropriate Routing method

    Hello dear civil/environmental engineering friends.

    I need to find the best method to model this situation:
    A waste water treatment plant discharges constantly into a small otherwise dry creek. There is flow in the creek that ends after ~1-2 km, depending on season (more and less evaporation). Meaning: the entire flow is absorbed eventually into the ground, in a varying distance from the source.
    I need a model that I can use to estimate where will the flow end (distance from the source).

    I have time series of discharge into the creek (constant) and at a point in the middle of the flow length.
    I have atmospheric parameters for evaporation evaluation.
    For the simple case I will assume constant creek properties.

    What routing method could I use for this task?

    Apreciate your help!

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