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Thread: Calculate Voltage between 2 generator

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    Calculate Voltage between 2 generator

    Dear all friends

    Do you know the diagram of real synchronizer, i want to synchronize 2 generator together.
    classic method we put bulb between phase A Gen1 and phase a Gen2. how many lamp will we put? put bulb in series or parallel.


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    I'm confused, are you trying to synchronize the generators phase and voltage or measur what with the bulbs?

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    I think, both since at synchronization, the difference will be identically zero and the bulb will be extinguished.

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    this is a very classical method that allow you just to check if 2 phases are identicals. but you cannot rely on this to make your generators synchronized. you need a developed tester tool, with graphic illustrations. there many of them available on the market. the operation consist of link both first phase and neutral of each generator for exemple. the tool will illustrate the two sinusoidal graphics and the dephasing value, you act on one generator to advance or retard the electrical signal carrefuly until you get the dephasing value almost zero.

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    This can be done with 3 lamps. If they are connected line to line (rwb - rwb) then all lamps will light and dim until sync is achieved. By connecting zig zag (rwb - wbr) and setting up in a triangle, the lamps will appear to rotate - this can aid in governing the sets. Dark lamps method, Rotating lamps method, respectively.

    The next step is to share load, and the lamps won't help you with this!!

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