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Thread: Wireless Power for christmas LED lights?

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    Wireless Power for christmas LED lights?

    Hi, I been looking at this forum for several months now.
    Thank you for all the information. I must say there's always stuff to learn on here.

    I have a project I decided to take on. Reading several forums and websites,
    I haven't came across a rather working answer yet so I am here now

    Setting up Christmas lights outside, since I do not have an outdoor outlet outside,
    I need to run a power line under the door...

    Is there a possible way to feed wireless power from my household outlet to the Christmas LED's outside?
    The distance at minimum from inner wall/outlet to LED lights would be 5 feet at minimum.

    I looked into electromagnetic induction; however, from what I understand this works only if the coils that
    induct power is parallel to each other.

    Is there a low cost solution to make this a go to Lowe's home project?

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    Well.... no. I think you could have poser supplied to the lights from an outside power source but no wireless methods are know to apply.

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