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Thread: Simple Span Beam Reactions to Column

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    Simple Span Beam Reactions to Column

    I have two 6.1m long beams that both produce a reaction to an interior column of 32.8kN. Do i sum both reactions which would be 65.6kN in which the column must resist, or do I take the greater of both reactions (in this case there the same so the column must resist 32.8kN)?

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    A little hard to visualize, if the column is equally supported by two beams, then the reaction forces split exactly by half. A lines sketch or Free Body Diagram would be helpful.

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    Depends how you're analyzing it. Are you looking at it as 2 single span beams or as a 2 span beam? How you look at it will change the result.

    How is it loaded? Using a UDL of 10.75 Kn/m (obtained from the supplied reactions), the loading on the central column is 81.97 kN.

    Using an EPL of 65.6 kN on each span, the loading on the column becomes 91.4 kN. It all makes a difference.

    It sounds like a simple 2 span beam to me. A FBD (as suggested above) would be a great help.

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    If you are analyzing the two beams resting on the center post separately and the reaction force on the center post from each beam analysis is 32.8kN then the total loading on that post is the sum of the two beam end reactions i.e. 65.6kN.

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