Hello everyone! i'm jake!
i don't have a degree in engineering, or well, anything, but i have a soldering iron and i do know how to use it! and i can read electronic diagrams to build simple things.
that being said i declare myself a layman +.
now, my issues is this.
recently my community has been blessed with a fiber optic line running thru it. in exchange for this we have been allowed to build a couple of highspeed companies to tap into it and privide broadband internet, tv and phone lines to the people, in the form of (so far) two companies. the one i'm using is a 2.4 (or 2.5 can't remember) wireless ISP. i had it installed and for the last 2 weeks have been getting lackluster performance. it is basically for my grandmother and cousins so they can keep tabs on stuff, but i also use it for late night gaming. the router has been set to a channel that the incoming signal doesn't use so that should remove that issue, but we are still having significant troubles keeping a stable connection. I believe it's an issue with the several other available networks maybe using the same channel and was wondering if it would be worthwhile to craft a partial faraday cage around the transceiver to block out these pesky neighbors? i have some 1mm thick metal banding i could use (ferrous i think, probobly not nickle, but it is magnetic). the transceiver is at the apex of the roof side.
thanx for any reply, really looking forward to learning more about the EMS!