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Thread: Help for contraption model project from school student

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    Help for contraption model project from school student

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    I am a school student. I am student of seventh grade. I am 12 years old. I am participating in one science based competition. The theme is this contest is contraption model based on Industrial Assembly Line. When I searched internet with keyword Contraption Model , I find many Rube Goldberg machines that employ series of actions where one action triggers another action. For example switch off the fan , post a letter etc using contraption model (series of simple machines where each machine performs simple action. My question is whether Industrial Assembly Line can be implemented in model using concept of contraption? I have downloaded theory of potato chips assembly line. I know car, pharma, dairy products, coco cola, bisleri has assembly line. Could you please assist me which assembly line is easy to implement using concept of contraption. I have received kit consisting of gear, motor, axle converter,frame, dual road,base grid,pulley etc

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    In the engineering world, the word "contraption" is usually somewhat of an insult. It is a word used to describe an unreliable, overly complex machine. It is not a "concept" used in machine design. It is an adjective used to describe a poorly designed machine. It sounds to me like your teacher doesn't really know what they're talking about.

    If they want you to learn about mechanisms by studying "Rube Goldberg" type systems, that could actually be very valuable as well as entertaining. Check YouTube for thousands of different types. You will get your own ideas.

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