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Thread: College Senior Looking for Some Advice

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    College Senior Looking for Some Advice

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Tyler, and I am a mechanical engineering student. I am going into my senior year and will be tacking on an additional semester. After that I will hopefully be walking across the stage with my degree. I have had a few life changes happen in the past month and it has me thinking about my career. Last year I worked for my friend's grandfather's company. I helped with piping, helped the welders, and read prints. Because the company has such little work going on now, I have resorted to a minimum wage job. I had roughly 10 engineering companies within commuting distance, and was wondering the odds of landing a small part time internship for this summer, next, and during the school year. Now the kicker is, due to some poor first and second year choices, my GPA is about a 2.5. I've definitely picked up the slack since, but of course, the GPA still follows. I feel my best bet is to talk to engineers, and HR people in person and sell myself. However due to all the new e-resume things, I am worried that I won't even be able to get a foot in the door. I am really hoping to start my career sooner rather than later, and really want a taste of industry. Is there any advice any members can offer to towards selling myself to fellow engineers? Would it be poor conduct to personally come in and request a meeting when they are free? Or would an email be more appropriate? All advice is appreciated!


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    Nothing compare to a face to face. not only will you get sized up. you can also size them up.

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