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Thread: Model Bridge Construction

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    Model Bridge Construction

    Hello all !

    I am currently undertaking an engineering module as part of a Construction Mgt degree and have been asked to construct a model truss bridge to span a 700mm gap with a point load of 90N. No restriction on height or width or choice of material. It has been requested that the bridge fail when the 90N point load is imposed (or as close as possible)

    From initial research online, I intend to make it from popsicle sticks but have concerns about achieving a pinned joint with this material as glue is not preferred by our lecturer. We are also requested to provide our calculations on how we arrived at the chosen design.

    I like to ask if anyone can provide any tips as to how to start this, as our only experience to date has been with some simple truss analysis and I seem to hitting dead-ends with my online research.

    Thank you in advance for reading this and would welcome any advice/suggestions


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    It has been requested that the bridge fail when the 90N point load is imposed
    Seriously? Usually we design so that a structure will support a minimum load.

    90 N is not much and a popsicle stick bridge with glued joints should be plenty.

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    Clear ideas regarding the engineering process. Through this we can use various tools for this like, austempting, applied process etc. Thios is a very fine information.

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