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Thread: Convective heat transfer and steady state conduction problem

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    Convective heat transfer and steady state conduction problem

    Hi all, I have a unique problem that I need help with

    A company's curing oven's exposed surface temperature is measured at 80c when the surrounding air is 23c. You think it should be insulated and wager to pay for the cost of this yourself if you can keep the savings incurred. Is this a smart move? the oven is 3.7m long and 2.4m diameter. The plant operates 16 hours/day 365 days/year. The insulation to be used is fiberglass (Kins = 0.08 W/m/c, assumed constant) which costs $2.5/m2 per cm thickness plus $21.5/m2 for labour regardless of tthickness. Convective heat transfer coefficient on the outer surfaced is estimated to be h0= 20W/m2/K. The oven uses natural gas, whose unit cost is 7.1/GJ input and the oven's efficiency is 80%.
    Ignoring radiation heat loss from the outer surface, determine
    A) how much money you will make out of this venture, by installing one inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm) of insulation, if any, and
    B) the thickness of insulation (to nearest inches) that will maximise your earnings

    Any input would be greatly appreciated as I'm well and truly stuck

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    Thread closed - no homework

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