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Thread: Engineering Jobs CA???

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    Engineering Jobs CA???

    Hi All

    Is it really that hard to get an entry engineering job in California if one has a degree (from Europe) and 1 yr experience?

    I am finding it really hard, been applying everywhere but no luck for almost 4 months now, is it because of security clearance?

    Please share your thoughts


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    come on guys there must be some thought?

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    Let me speculate...

    First, are you an American citizen? If not, what documents do you need to work in the US and for long can you work? Not being an America citizen is not going to help.

    Second, this is not a good time of year to gain employment. End of year, holidays, etc.. Hiring will pickup after the start of the new year.

    Third, why California? Engineering opportunities are fewer than most other professions and if serious you should consider a wide range of locations in increase the number of opportunities.

    Forth, when working for a corporation or government entity be aware that the higher level of education - degrees the more chances of landing a job as well as growth opportunities within that organization. If you don't want to work for a large or government organization and start your own business - education is more important and degrees don't count for much.

    Fifth, here in America we have voted in political parties that prefer our economy to be top-down or trickle down. This means they pass laws and make international agreements that put big money or big business in the dominant economic position. This opens up all sorts of opportunities to outsource jobs to low cost countries (LCC). Most folks think of manufacturing assembly as being the primary function out sourced however, manufacturing needs engineering support, engineering process designers, engineering design, accountants, managers, logistics and so on. So, even we engineers get out sourced extensively. With that said you should also consider job opportunities in these LCC..

    That's all I can think right now. Please note that I have NOT been in the corporate job market for a long time.

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