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Thread: highschool student looking for a future in engeneering

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    highschool student looking for a future in engeneering

    hey, so i'm a grade 11 student in Alberta who's started to look into a future in engineering. iv liked the side of electrical engineering that helps produce energy with diffrent types of methods that are sustainable but when ever i look into a a university that has an electrical engineering program the course looks more like a computer or electronic engineering course. I dont know if im looking into the wrong type of engineering or if the two just go hand and hand with each other.

    Also what do my grades need to look like? i havent really started to apply myself enough untill the end of this past semester but when i did i was able to boost my marks up (80 on math exam and 65 on physics exam but a lower overall averge in the course) im not really THAT bad in my math or physics, i think i have a strong understanding but i havent really been worried about my actual marks until recently. If my marks are too low to meet the requirements of a university for engineering will it even be worth it to upgrade my classes after high school or will someone without a natural abilty in physics/math have a pretty rough time in engineering?

    PS: im not sure if this the wrong place to post this but i figured this website would have the closest thing and would have the most relible help.
    Thanks for reading

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    Zachary - Welcome to the forum! And congratulations on your choice of engineering as a career. Just last night I was working with a high school robotics team that I mentor. One of the guys mentioned that he recently saw a list of the highest paying jobs and most of the top ones had "engineering" in them. I've been a mechanical engineer for over 35 years now and I can tell you a good engineer has skills that will always be in demand. Electrical engineering is one of the basic fields (mechanical, electrical, civil) from which one can branch out into a limitless number of directions. You will understand this statement better later in life, but you aren't choosing a career right now, you are choosing an initial direction. Its kind of like the first road you take on a long trip.

    As for your grades, yes they can be important, but my experience is that determination means A LOT more than grades. Example, I took every math course my high school offered but I still didn't have enough math credits to even be accepted as a freshman in the school I wanted to attend. So I spent the summer after graduating from high school taking higher level math classes at a nearby college, re-applied to my preferred program, and got in. Never quit!

    I have never been a math whiz, and honestly the higher level stuff still goes right over my head, but it absolutely amazed me how much better I got at math once I understood the real world applications of it a little better. Bottom line - work very hard but don't let grades get you down.

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    My experience to getting in to engineering college .
    My marks were bad while i finished high school, but i got idea to become engineer after graduation while i was in army .
    So what i did , my grades were too bad to get in college, so i leaved army and i went back to school .
    It was called ADULTS school , place where old people (dropouts ) attempted to get their highschool degree again . With older people i retake my last year of highschool and i learned only subjects what i needed to do exams .
    So after 1 year i re made exam and got good enough grades to get in college. I still suck at math alot but i have mechatronics degree now

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    In the States there are a lot of 'Community Colleges' that offer a two year Associate degree. These are generally of high quality and low cost. They accept nearly everyone and are an excellent way for many to show that they are really college material.

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    Picking engineering that comes with a lot of scopes is an orthodox approach to starting your career. Whatever you pick, must be relevant to your field of interest. Don't fall a prey of picking only electrical engineering or the engineering that comes with a lot of scopes. Pick engineering in which you find your interest.

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