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Thread: Engineering pe exam form 4a experience

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    Engineering pe exam form 4a experience

    I have submitted my experience to the State twice already with a response both times that I am not detailed enough in my experience descriptions. To avoid submitting for a fourth time I have decided to post my experience that I will be submitting again. Please, any constructive criticism would be helpful as the State was not willing to provide any (I have called and e-mailed them and got nothing but vague responses....a little hypocritical if you ask me). Anyways, attached is my experience, I tried referencing the code but I did not reference paragraphs or sections because I thought that would be tedious and nothing but fluff that would seem to be filling the pages. The examiner probably would have no clue anyways. I am sure he or she does not have the ASHRAE Handbooks on hand.

    Any help would be appreciated. Unfortunately I do not know any P.E.'s that have recently gone through this process.


    engineering exp word.pdf
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