Hi guyz i am new to this fourm
I have a design problem!!
We are developing a thermalconnector and we use a hydraulic fluid which is confined with in a base plate and a rectangular diaphragm which i fixed to the base plate
In this set up we know the pressure which is being excerted on the diaphragm i.e 2.5758Mpa and area of the diaphragm upon which the the hydrostatic pressure is applied is about 143*7.25 sqmm now for these two parameters we need to design the diaphragm such that it sustains the pressure!!
We actually want to know the thickness of the diaphragm which we can use to sustain the hydrostatic pressure with in elastic limits and the diaphragm sustains the pressure applied with in safe limits!!
I went through Timoshenko's thin plate theory but i dint get any sufficient information about thickness so can anyone help me to calculate the thickness of the diaphragm for the pressure applied??