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Thread: Heavy duty stand or shelf for 24" electric clothes dryer

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    Heavy duty stand or shelf for 24" electric clothes dryer


    We have a laundry closet and have decided to replace our one unit with dryer on top and washer on bottom with a top load washer. We want to buy a smaller GE dryer 24" wide and put that on a stand or shelf on top of the washer. We already have the washer delivered and in place.

    The specs on the 24" GE dryer is 22" deep and the weight is 88 lbs. I would like to build a shelf or stand that can hold 150 lbs, 52" high and 30" deep to have space for the vent. I would cut a rectangular cut-out in the rear of the shelf 6" x 10" for dryer venting.

    The closet is 35.5" wide and 39.5" deep. The two sides of the closet have maybe two studs. On the right wall is the water supply lines and the drain and this a shared wall with a bathroom.

    So, the shelf or stand should hold up to 150 lbs and is 35.5" wide, 30 " deep and 52" high (for washer lid opening). I was planning on using 3/4 plywood on top and 2x4 as the legs and attach it to the studs or wall with L brackets. To keep the dryer from moving, I was going to put a lip to the front and back of the shelf.

    Would this work? Do I need bracing for the legs or plywood shelf for support and how to do that?

    Sorry, I don't have a drawing to upload.

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    So you're either very tall or plan on a ladder to load your dryer? (kidding but it does seem pretty high?)

    How about instead of relying on the wall studs alone... is there room in front / back / or sides for legs? A table more than a shelf? Might be easier?


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