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Thread: Tilting Mechanism

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    Tilting Mechanism

    Hi Guys,

    I have a peculiar (at least for me) problem where I need to have a 400mm tray tilt 30 degrees at both its ends alternatively. The tray is 100mm (Approx) above a conveyor belt and cannot go below it as there will be items going through the belt, hence the reason it can't be pivoted in the center. This means it needs to pivot at its ends.

    Attached is a picture where I have tried to demonstrate what I mean. According to my calcs, to get 30 degrees tilt I need the tray to lift up by 200mm at each corner, alternatively.

    Tried the inverse of a scissor lift, assume 4 linkages connected to center frame (<=>) with an actuator on each center joint but it failed :(

    Do you guys have any experience with such machinery? Any pointers to a linkage mechanism that might do it?



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    Have you tried using 2 "flapper" mechanisms (I'm thinking similar to two opposing pinball type paddles) rather than 2 full length trays?

    That way you'll only have 1 pivot point per flapper to control.

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    So it appears that the "home" position is horizontal 100 mm above the belt. And two tilt positions, with either the left or the right edge raised 200 mm. Is that right? I assume there is room somewhere above the tray for a mechanism. I would suspend the tray from two 200 mm stroke actuators, attached to the left and right edges. Home position is both actuators extended. Retract either one to get the tray position you want. You will have to resolve small issues of lateral guidance and swivel actions.

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