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Thread: Assembly clamp idea needed

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    Assembly clamp idea needed


    first time posting here.

    I'm manufacturing a lighting product and i am looking for a cost effective way to secure a PE cube shell to the top metal plate that is used to suspend the cube. the fixing solution must clamp the cube to the plate so the whole assembly can be flown from the rated eye bolt.

    im looking for an off the shelf part to use as the clamp if possible.

    there are approx 650 of these cubes to build, so i could have something bent up or punch the metal top plate if necessary.

    i was thinking along the lines of a piece of tapped metal that when screw tightened revolves until hits a endstop mounted to top plate, either punched out of plate or stud, when the screw was further tightened it pulled the metal up to clamp the pe shell part against the top plate.

    see image

    any help much appreciated.

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