I have a structural vibration problem. I wish to calculate the vibration level of a residential flat that is induced by a pump motor placed on the upper floor. We can assume the vibration force is caused by the rotating unbalance of the motor given by its eccentricity. The pump is set on some kind of damper which could isolate great part of the vibration force. I am able to work out the unbalance force caused by the pump and so as the transmitted force through the damper. However, I have no idea how to calculate the forced vibration response by the damper to the concrete slab under it. (I already have reference for the transmission loss of vibration when passing different beam structures of the building), so basically I just have to figure out the vibration response (max. displacement or acceleration) and I can solve the problem.

P.S. It doesn't have to be a very accurate on the calculation. That's why I wish to avoid getting into too deep like the mode shape of the slab or whatsoever =]

Does anyone know how to do that?? Many thanks to you all!!!