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Thread: Online Civil3d Training Recommendations

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    Online Civil3d Training Recommendations

    Hello- I'm looking for recommendations on or experiences with online Civil3d training that will count towards my annual PE pdh/ceu requirements. My experience with Civil3D is limited. I used Autodesk's Land Development Desktop for a number of years, then Civil3D for a year or so on a limited basis when it first came out, roughly 8 years ago. I currently use a Carlson software package for civil projects but the company I currently work for is in the process of switching to Civil3D. I don't do a lot of civil site design currently but am looking to increase my use of the software for future projects. Looking forward to hearing your recommendations/experiences.

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    I've come across lots of online training places for this ranging from Youtube right up to "certified" course provider with certificates and medals and everything. In the UK, the varies institutions lay on a number of courses for development/education so we don't have have to guess at whats worth spending money on. I know is an approved provider in many states but I think your best option is to contact your state board or advisory commission or what not.

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    There are actually a lot of Youtube tutorials that might be able to help you out a bit. Just do some searching on YouTube + some Googling around. You will find a ton of resources on Civil3d.

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