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Thread: Packing Challenge / Math Problem

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    Packing Challenge / Math Problem

    I have a an interesting problem at my manufacturing facility. i have a machine that produces 9 pieces every 7 seconds, which are inspected and hand-packed by an operator into a 50-count box. The challenge/complexity here is efficiently/effectively packing 9 pieces per cycle into 50-count boxes (not an even math division), while quickly inspecting the parts before packing and keeping track of the count. Using a scale is not an option because the normal variation in the piece weight can allow for a false reading.

    Wanted to see if anybody here had some good, poke-a-yoke/foolproof ideas on simplifying this process (such as jigs, fixtures, visial aids, etc). Thanks in advance!


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    Not knowing what the parts are... A 50 count holding fixture or jig that would allow inspection and doubles as a lift and place into the box.

    Or, laser scan and compare setup..
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