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Thread: led driver TC point

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    led driver TC point

    I am running tests for my company and we have led drivers installed in a case for a mirror. the drivers TC point is on the top side of the driver (as you are looking at it if it were sitting on a table) the driver is actually mounted in the box on the wall with the bottom towards the wall and the top facing out...the sides facing up and down.

    my question is this: if the tc point is supposed to be the hottest point on the driver case, then why is the side at 121 degrees and the top, where the tc point is located, at 110 degrees?

    Should i account for a change in the position of the tc point based on the orientation of the driver?

    thanks in advance for any help.

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    I know this is a somewhat old post, but there are no responses so I will try. I think that is because the question is too vague.

    If you could clear up two points, perhaps someone could formulate an answer.

    What it this TC point you are referring to? The only technical reference to a Tc point that I can find is a Curie Temperature, but it does not seem that this is what you are talking about.

    Second, there are many forms of LED drivers. Is this a chip? An assembled circuit? Is it packaged? You did say "driver case". If so, how? Can you state the make and model? It may be possible to get a data sheet on it; most electronic components have published data sheets and they can help a lot.

    A photo or two may help.

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