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Thread: Quick question about threads in a working drawing.

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    Quick question about threads in a working drawing.

    For my semester project, I made a beam-type steam engine in Autodesk Inventor. I thought it would be cool to add real threads to my assembly, so I downloaded the coolorange (auto thread modeler) addon.

    It looks really nice with it all assembled whotnot, but my professor doesn't like the threads showing in the detail drawings. Is this frowned upon in the industry or is it his personal preference? I have to go through each part and get rid of the threads now, which is a hassle...



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    Personally, I don't mind if the threads are shown. I like the attention to detail but it doesn't bother me if bolts/screws/whatever are shown blank either, as long as the major diameter is correct so everything still 'fits'. It may be different for the manufacturing side of the industry if the models are being sent to fabricators? That's a guess on my part; I've never really been involved in the manufacturing/fabricating side. YMMV.

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    Congratulations on your enthusiasm and your curiosity at using a "really neat" tool. You've asked for input from the real world. I've been on the design/manufacturing side for 40 years. Remember this: The purpose of any drawing/model in industry is to accurately communicate the information required to fabricate or use a device or system. ANYTHING that complicates or does not enhance that process should be avoided. Showing full threads just needlessly complicates the process, does nothing to enhance the communication, and is a pointless waste of CAD operator time, computer processor time, and memory capacity. Sorry, but looking "cool" is not a factor in that process. Now, if you are creating a model/drawing for some other purpose (like realistic 3D imagery) you might convince me that showing threads has a value... but I doubt it. In 40 years I have never seen a situation where showing full threads had any value. Always show cosmetic threads in 3D models and hidden line threads in drawings. So, "Frowned upon"? Yes.

    I understand the attraction to "be real", but just because you CAN do something does not mean you SHOULD do it. It's called judgment. If you went to work under my guidance and showed full threads I would quickly correct that situation.

    So now you have to "go through each part and get rid of the threads now, which is a hassle...". Call it tuition in the best school of all, the school of life. The lessons learned the hardest are also the most remembered. Congratulations on a lesson well learned.

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