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Thread: Modeling a drive system

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    Modeling a drive system

    Hello, everyone. Sorry in advance if I'm posting this to the wrong section. I'm new and I have a system for which I need to build a mathematical model. The problem is that I have never seen anything related to this subject before so I'm rather oblivious about it. I tried to draw the system for you. I'm attaching the drawing to this post.

    I will try to simply explain it, or let's say what I understand from it. There's a motor connected to a gear box to reduce the speed and this gear box is connected to a screw on which our object stands. As motor shaft rotates, the screw also rotates with a proportional speed and turns the rotational movement into linear movement for the object. There are two time dependent functions that I must observe with this model: The position (X(t)) and the force applied to the object (F(t)) so I must build a model including related forces such as inertia of the motor, stiffness etc. If someone can explain how this can be done or at least tell me where I should start learning, I would appreciate it. I don't know how to describe the system so I can't exactly google information and study for it.

    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated
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