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Thread: Clarification on Power screw's specifications please

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbq_bbq View Post
    Thank you. What is FOS? From the table, the coefficients vary a lot. For example:

    Aluminum - Aluminium: 1.1-1.35
    Brass - Steel: 0.5
    Bass - Cast Iron: 0.28

    Do you mean try to set the coefficient of static and kinetic friction to 1.35?

    Yes they do vary and will be different after your mechanism is built..
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    Quote Originally Posted by jboggs View Post
    Ditto. And the V thread form will just amplify those problems. In most industrial power screw applications the thread form is Acme, the screw is steel, and the nut is brass or plastic. Have not seen brass driving aluminum, ever.
    Thanks for pointing out the design issues.

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