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Thread: Beam Analysis Question

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    Beam Analysis Question

    Hey Everyone,

    First post here but just looking for some assistance on how to start this beam analysis that I've been tasked with at work. I'm a summer student and this problem extends beyond what I've learned in class. I've attached a screenshot of the cross section of the beam. Basically, this is for a temporary wall that runs along a approximately 10 ft track. The track brace is attached to a steel plate which is attached to hanger rods which are secured to an Ibeam. The hanger rods needed to be used due to a blocking present between the plate and the Ibeam.

    In my experience with beam analysis the spacing of the fasteners along the length of the beam is small enough that I've assumed it to be a distributed load for easier analysis which I can continue doing for this Ibeam. I've been constructing an excel she that allows for all parameters to be inputted as necessary so the dimensions on the beam are not required.

    Basically I just need assistance in the theory of this analysis. Can I just calculate the moment of inertia for the plate and the beam with the separation to account for bending then shear? Then just analyze the hanger rods being pulled in tension and then the potential for bolt failure at the other locations? I'm worried there are too many variables to consider to receive an accurate answer.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Thanks,
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