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Thread: Brewery Question

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    Brewery Question

    Hi all,

    I am about to sign a lease on a space and I am hoping to get a quick answer on an issue. As you all know liquid weighs a LOT and a 15 bbl (465 gallon) system sitting on a true 3x10 framing will not fly. I am thinking about supporting the beams with angle iron and lally columns. Now the details of the problem.

    The beams run for about 14' (true 3x10") and sit on a granite fieldstone wall that looks to be in really good shape.

    The weight: 7 15 bbl fermenters each with a 4'x4' footprint each weighing about 5000lbs full.

    The area of the floor will be 17' x 15' area for the fermenters

    The brew house will be a 15 x 8 area and will weigh about 10000 lbs full.

    Also, I am in need of an engineer to hire and work the plans up for me in Boston.



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    Likely, there is local codes that must be met for your brewery. You should look in your local area for a food/beverage custom equipment engineer.

    Or.. just purchase the equipment from a reputable supplier.

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