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Thread: Steam Turbine Vacuum system.

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    Post Steam Turbine Vacuum system.

    Hello, Newbie here, i have a question about Steam Turbine Vacuum system.

    This is our vacuum interlocks

    • Jet Water Pump press : 5 - 6 bar
    • Vacuum Normal : (-0.86) - (-0.91) bar
    • Vacuum alarm water pump : <-0.75 bar
    • Turbin trip : -0.61 bar

    What might make the vacuum system not work normally and cause a turbine trip? Thx before

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    Let us assume you are referring to a ejector style pump, ( like these Attachment 2025 )

    It is important to remember that pressure does not equal velocity. So the jet pressure reading can be at normal levels even though there is blockage or erosion of the nozzle.

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    Thx for your answer sir.

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