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Thread: Looking for constructive criticism on class project

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    Looking for constructive criticism on class project

    Attached is a picture of the assembled design. The idea is a retractable bollard from Hugo Acevedo. We are looking for possible design flaws. Thanks in advanced.
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    The engineering drawing and related design specifications and analysis is non-existent. I have no idea what you’re looking for.
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    The drawing looks nice but beyond that I have no comment. That's because we don't know your project scope, goals, specifications, restrictions, etc. Who is Hugo, and why is that important?

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    To echo what's been said previously; it's a pretty picture but beyond that... It doesn't contain enough information to review. We don't even know what speed limit this intended for or if it's just a parking barrier. There is also no material grades listed. You can't review a design if no design has been put forward.

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