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Thread: Coil Rod/Bolt/Nut Specifications

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    Coil Rod/Bolt/Nut Specifications


    I need to model a number of rods and fasteners using coil threads. Where can I find the specifications for these?

    I did a search and could not find anything relevant.

    Yes, I'm a newbie...


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    Do you have a specification? Industry standard ?
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    Find a copy of a book titled: "Machinery's Handbook" published by Industrial Press. The engineer guiding your modeling efforts should have specified the thread and should be able to help you find a copy of the book.

    If there is no engineer on the project google "Kansas City skywalk" to see what can go wrong with threaded rods.

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    One of the threads is for a 3/4-4.5 bolt and nut. Thanks for the tip on the book. I was unaware it covered coil threads.

    I am aware of the sidewalk failure. Very sad. Many failures by many hands...

    Anyway, this is for concrete formwork.

    Thank you for the help!

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    I have a copy of the 22nd edition of the handbook, and I was unable to locate the coil thread profile data. Can someone verify that the recent edition contains this information?

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    Look for 'Unified Screw Threads".

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    I'm not aware of any standard for so-called coil threads. When you say "coil threads", do you mean as in Helicoil type thread inserts? You can find their information on their website.

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    These are not HeliCoil inserts. There is nothing in the handbook specifying this thread profile under the UNC thread section, at least in the edition I have. Some examples:

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