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Thread: question about online beam calculator vs equation

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    question about online beam calculator vs equation

    Hi! I was working out how to determine the stress and deflection of a length of aluminum hollow square section tubing. Doing pretty good until I tried to match the results of one of these online calculators and my own calculations using the equation given. I get a result of half the stress. Usually I think the tool is broken until I learn what my own mistake was, so I'm hoping you'll help me spot it.

    Here's the deets:

    online calculator here:
    stress equation here:

    I wanted to verify my own calc on 'stress at any point,' the figure given by the calculator was -6388.889, my result was -3194 (half!)

    attached is an image with my variables included: I=.9, E (irrelevant for this portion) = 10,000,000, distance to centroid=1

    thanks for having a look!

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    The equations that go with the calculator are here:
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