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Thread: Gathering Ideas for a given interview task. PLEASE HELP!

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    Gathering Ideas for a given interview task. PLEASE HELP!

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to this forum, but I was hoping you could help me with this. I was given a task to finish for my interview. But I don't seem to have many ideas. What's important for me is, what kind of mounting system do you have in mind?

    Any help is much appreciated. Oh and everything is designed in Solidworks. But I just need screenshots for my presentation. To present the design idea/concept. Everything else is in the attachement.

    Thanks a lot guys.


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    anyone please help?????

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    The design requirements are intentionally kept vague below to simulate the realities of workingwith agile product development.
    This is an interview, seriously?

    All I can do is suggest a concept - not design it.

    1) Rotating piano hinge and latch lock on opposite side. Search and specify an OEM hinge and latch lock to the mass and shock load requirements. Yes, there are OEM hinges that can handle the load.

    2) A simple top and bottom hook and slot arrangement that could be laser cut into the frame and box for mounting. There will likely be a need for a lifting hook, handle or similar.

    3 Depending on room and space – also note the vagueness of the interviewee’s questions a slide rail like used on a drawer could be purchased and installed as required.

    I suspect there is not a right answer and be ready to be nitpicked (I’d like to interview the person who created this little test). Just be ready to justify your answer with an engineering/design and manufacturability feasibility answer.

    Note that the requirements are extremely vague - wires, pipes, other components, available real estate etc are not specified so you don't have the complete layout.
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