Hello. I am working on a complex problem that I would like to simulate in _______???. Basically I have a compression mold with water cooling channels in both halves. The mold is heated to a steady temp as measured by a thermocouple (one in each half). After a set period the mold is then cooled with water until it reaches a lower set temperature. One half of the mold is reaching this target temperature about 10 mins faster than the other side. I want to know what the theoretical cooling rate of each mold half is so that I can figure out if what is occurring is "to design"...

a) What is a good software to model this? SolidWorks Simulation? SolidWorks Plastic? Autodesk Moldflow?

b) How do I treat the water flowing through the cooling channels? I know the input water temp and the exit water temp from the mold. Do I just reduce it to a common temp on those cooling surfaces? And then just do a time based analysis?

c) Do I need to worry about convective and radiated heat?