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Thread: Solidworks or Autocad or both

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    Solidworks or Autocad or both

    Hello. I'll be attending University's MEng manufacturing engineering program in September and will work as a manufacturing engineer (hopefully) after graduation. This summer I want to learn the software in the title. I know a bit of solidworks from undergrad but I'm not sure which software will be useful the most in the job. I checked bunch of manufacturing engineering job posts and almost all of them require autocad knowledge/experience. But I'm not sure to what extent autocad is used. There are courses offered in autocad in my hometown but I'm hesitant to enroll in one because I don't know if the content of the course will match what manufacturing engineers do with autocad. So, I was wondering if someone could inform me about this? Also, should I improve myself in solidworks or should I try to master them both? I feel quite indecisive about this. Thanks in advance!

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    CAD is a tool - like Word or excel. All CAD can be reasonably learned in about two weeks and a little formal training.

    Solid Works seems to be most popular today Autodesk is also widely used.
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    Thanks for the reply. I think I'll master solidworks ********************and study only autocad plant 3D instead of learning everything about it. Do you think this would be a good idea? I don't know what features of autocad manufacturing engineers use. Does anyone know it by any chance?

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    Never heard of those books but these are excellent CAD training books:

    SolidWorks for Technology and Engineering

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    Hi Wakez,

    A manufacturing engineer can use solidworks and autocad for designing fixtures, tools or any manufacturing equipments that is needed for process.

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    Here's an idea:

    Join the Experimental Aircraft Assn. ($40) and get the student version of solidworks free.

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    I would suggest AutoCAD for more 2D-based design and construction projects, whereas SolidWorks is the best choice for mechanical, machine, and product design. It's always a great choice to try the programs out for yourself and get experience with their features before making a decision.

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