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Thread: Drawing projections - QUESTION

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    Confused Drawing projections - QUESTION

    Hello everybody, new in the forum.

    Hope you can help me with this basic doubt.
    The attached pdf contains 3 options dimensioning the same part (formed channel)

    Can you help me to idetify wich ones are correct or incorrect?

    Thanks, appreciate your help!
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    First or third angle projection?
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    my 2 cents:

    Either 2 or 3 are correct third angle views. Two seems more comfortable.

    The 2.50 can be eliminated as it is double dimensioning.

    The 5.63 between the two views as on option 3 makes it easier to relate the dimension to front and side views.

    There is no call out for the corner breaks.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    All are 3rd angle projection.

    I understand that option 1 is not correct.


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