Hi Everyone

I have a question about inducers. inducer is small axial flow pump that placed in front of suction side of centrifugal pumps for increasing the head and avoiding cavitation phenomena in centrifugal pumps.most of inducers have helical blades.my question consist of several parts that are as follows:

1-How are the angles and dimension defined in conventional turbine and compressor blades for these inducers?
2-What is the blade tip and blade hub angle on them geometry?
3- What is the lean angle?
4-What is the stagger angle on these blades?
5-How any can define sweap angle on these?
6- the thickness of this blades how is defined?
7- Where are the leading edge and trailing edge of this blades?
8-How is defined the solidity for this blades and what is difference between it and pitch of blade?can solidity be the variable form hub to tip?
9-(Very Important)-Chord of these blades how defined?
10-Chord length in these blades how defined?What is the length of the chord in the tip and the hub?
11-Number of blades in an inducer how are counted?

Finally, I've attached an example of the Inducer geometry.Please specify the answer on this geometry or any other geometry that you think it's better to understand me.

Thanks everyone who answers these questions.

Milad Asiyaban